Adult Disability Service

Once your eligibility is agreed you will be given an estimate of how much money could be available to you to plan and purchase your support. You have various options including employing a personal assistant, buying your care from an agency or you might choose to use our Adult Disability Service, who offer a variety of services if you are over the age of 18 and you have:

  • a learning disability
  • a physical disability
  • a long term condition such as motor-neurone disease
  • an acquired brain injury following a stroke or accident

We take time to get to know you and find out how you want to be supported. We work with you to understand your needs and develop a plan to meet your needs for things like:

  • living in a place that meets your needs and you are happy in
  • gaining new skills and pursuing your interests
  • taking part in a range of social and leisure activities with people of your choice
  • maintaining your health and wellbeing
  • developing your own support plan
  • working out who you would like to support you
  • staying safe
  • meeting new people and making friends

Our services are located within reach of your local community facilities and offer opportunities for you to learn and regain skills to live the life you want.

We can support: