Supporting your carer to take a break

If you are eligible to receive our support, are over 18 and have a disability, our short break service provided by our Adult Disability Services is one option for your carer to take a break from their caring role.

We have 8 short break services across Lancashire, providing 24 hour support 7 days per week throughout the year. The accommodation is modern, fully equipped and has been specifically designed for safe and easy use. 

Our short break services:

  • Enables your carer to have a break from their caring role
  • Encourages you to participate in a wide range of activities of your choice during your stay
  • Enables you to maintain your overall health and well being
  • Provide support to you if you are going through a life changing transition like leaving full time education or changing how you are supported.

Prior to your stay we will take time to get to know you and find out how you want to be supported. Together we will develop a plan to meet your needs for things like:

  • Healthcare
  • Leisure activities you enjoy doing
  • Keeping you safe
  • Meeting new people and making friends
  • Living in a place that meets your needs and you are happy in

 What to expect:

  • We will contact you before your stay to find out all we need to know about you
  • You will share accommodation with other people who receive support from us
  • We will support you to choose what you would like to do when you are staying with us
  • To stay in fully equipped accommodation that has been specifically designed for your needs and to keep you safe
  • We will contact you after your stay to make sure you enjoyed your time spent with us and to ask how we can make it better for your next stay

Our short break service in your area: