Enablement Service

We help people with a disability to develop the confidence and skills they need to live as independently as they can.

You are eligible for the service if you get support from Lancashire County Council social care and it will not cost you anything.

To access the service, speak to your social care worker or call 0300 123 6701.

What we do

We will help you for up to 12 weeks. We will do activities to develop your skills or teach you new skills to help you to be more independent.

We will then review your support needs with your social worker.

An enablement support worker will work with you one to one to teach you the skills.

We will also work closely with your family and other support provider if you have one.

An occupational therapist can also carry out assessments to enable you to reach your goals. This may include looking at how you can use assistive technology support your inde­pendence.

Skills you could develop

The new skills will help you to get more from your local community. You could develop skills in:

  • College and training – accessing a course
  • Keeping fit and healthy- going to a gym
  • Using the bus or the train
  • Looking for work – preparing you for volunteering or paid work.
  • Learning skills in your own home - cooking, cleaning
  • Learning to get out and about - going to the shops and library
  • Keeping safe – in your home and when you are out
  • Looking after your money - pay bills and save

Some examples of how we have helped people

Travel on public transport

We supported a person to learn to travel on their own to the different daytime activities they attend.

They now travel on public transport on their own and are very proud of this.

Finding social activities and meeting new people

We have supported a person to find and attend social activities.

They are much more independent and have made new friends. They have a very busy week now.

Moving into your own home

We have supported a person to develop skills to maintain their own home, and to get to know the local area as they have moved into their own flat. With their new learnt skills, they don’t need much support as they can now do the household tasks by themselves and are able to go out when they want to.



If you would like to access the Enablement Service speak to your social care worker or call 0300 123 6701.


Or for more information please call 01772 530 130 or email enablement.service@lancashire.gov.uk.


If you would like to give some feedback on the service contact the complaints and feedback team on 01772 539 414 or email complaintsandfeedback@lancashire.gov.uk.