Lancashire Reading Trail

From werewolves and witches to princes and princesses, there are friends for all to find on the Lancashire Reading Trail. It is an exciting new way to read more, to discover more about what's on offer at your library and to have fun.

Join the challenge and you will be given a map which will guide you through an enchanted Lancashire. Each book you read will lead you one step further on your journey. Perhaps you will meet the Dream Fairy; take care the Pendle Witch does not cast a spell on you... if you are lucky you may spot Lancashire's own unicorn and learn what is special about him.
Complete the quest and you will find the lair of the Reading Dragon, a rarely seen beast whose hoards of gold include a treasured prize to reward your efforts.

Join the Lancashire Reading Trail

Join the Lancashire Reading Trail by stepping into your local Lancashire library where you will be given a special map. For every book you read you will be given a sticker to take you one step further along the trail. You choose which books to read - funny books, adventures, non-fiction, or books by a favourite author - it's up to you.
All we ask is that you tell us a little about the book, as we love to hear your views. You can choose whether you would prefer to talk to us, write a review or draw a picture. Review sheets can be downloaded or they can be picked up from your library.

You can even add your review online if you go to the library catalogue and login. Find the book and you can then add your review and rating right next to the book.
You will collect special cards of the characters along the way - each with a challenge to complete and a suggested place to visit.
You will receive a bronze certificate once you have read ten books and a silver certificate when you have read thirty books. When you have read fifty books you have completed the challenge and reached the dragon's lair where you will find a prize awaits you.
Good luck and go forth!

Lancashire Reading Journey

The Lancashire Reading Journey takes place during the summer holidays and children can sign up for free at their local library to take part, with lots of fun tasks to choose from to enjoy over the summer.

Information for parents and carers

The Lancashire Reading Trail has been created to encourage children (up to the age of 12) to read more. It is well known that children who read for enjoyment find learning and achieving easier, and are more likely to succeed at school.

It is not a race, and we hope your children will choose books that they will enjoy. Books that are appropriate to the reading level of your child are best – hard enough for it to be a challenge but easy enough for them to succeed. If you need help ask the library staff for some suggestions.

When your child returns books to the library, please tell the staff that you are doing the Lancashire Reading Trail, so we can make sure they receive recognition of their efforts. It is especially important to remember to talk to the staff if you have self-service machines in your library.
Children have been at the heart of developing the trail. In the autumn of 2010, award winning illustrator Mei Matsuoka spent a week talking to children about their likes and interests, and finding out their thoughts about where they live. Using this information, Mei drew a range of characters that became the base for the Lancashire Reading Trail. These characters feature on special cards, and your child will receive one for every five books read, as well as certificates to celebrate their achievement.
Each character card features a challenge to encourage your child to make use of the range of resources on offer at the library. Each card also features an idea for a trip to visit one of Lancashire's attractions. 
Help us in encouraging your children to step into a world of books and stories with the Lancashire Reading Trail.

Volunteer in your local library

Are you aged 12 - 24 and passionate about reading?

Why not share your skills and help younger children (aged 4 - 11) improve their reading at one of our libraries. You'll be listening to children talk about the books they've read, recommending new titles and supporting them complete the Lancashire Reading Trail.

Reading Hacks

Meet Aileen and Ben and find out what being a Reading Hack means to them.  If you've been inspired by them volunteer to be a Reading Hack.