Music and drama collections

The library service has an extensive collection of material for choirs, orchestras and drama societies, all available on special loan. Even if we do not have what you want, we may be able to obtain it for you.

Following a consultation with our music and drama societies, we are pleased to announce that we have amended our pricing structure to make it more flexible in the hope that we will increase accessibility to our collection by making it affordable to a broader range of people. Please scroll down for prices.

A selection of stock from our music and drama collections is available to browse at Lostock Hall Library. Anyone is welcome to look at the collections but you must be a member of a music or drama society registered with us to take items out on loan. 

Search the catalogue for:

Register your group or society

If your society wishes to sign up, please nominate an individual to take responsibility for materials loaned and ask them to complete the online registration form. Any communication from the library to the society will be directed to that named representative.

If your society is already registered but any details have changed please complete the change of details form.

Request a set

Complete one of these online request forms:

You will need your society's membership card number. Please give at least four weeks notice whenever possible to enable us to source your item. If you are requesting music, please state if a specific arrangement, edition, translation or language is required.

We will make every reasonable effort to supply the material you require from our own stocks or those of other library authorities in the UK. However, we cannot guarantee to be able to supply. You may find the Encore! website useful to locate items around the country, and Grove Music Online is available via our Digital Library.

Some sets are only available on hire from the publishers. Because of the high cost of obtaining material from these organisations we are unable to borrow the material on your behalf. You should therefore approach the hiring agent directly.


All loan periods will be 6 months initially, and 3 months optional renewal subject to availability.

Drama set loan: £11 (£12 from 1 April)

One one-act play set loan: £4.   Three one-act play sets loan: £10 (this offer only applies to one-act play sets currently held in stock). 

Vocal scores loan: £33 (£36 from 1 April) for a set of 40 copies and £2 for every additional copy up to 17 copies after which the price of a full additional set will apply. 

Shorter vocal scores loan: £11 (£12 from 1 April) for up to 40 shorter vocal scores of the same title (further copies will be charged at the same rate per 40 or part of, eg 50 copies = £22 (£24 from 1 April).

Orchestral set loan: £44 (£47 from 1 April) for pieces over 40 minutes length; £33 (£36 from 1 April) for pieces between 20 and 40 minutes length; £22 for pieces under 20 minutes length.

Drama set renewal: £5 (£6 from 1 April)

Vocal scores renewal: £16 (£18 from 1 April)

Shorter vocal scores renewal: £5 (£6 from 1 April)

Orchestral set renewal: £22 (£24 from 1 April) for pieces over 40 minutes length; £15 (£18 from 1 April) for pieces between 20 and 40 minutes length; £11 for pieces under 20 minutes length.

Important – Cancelled Requests

If you cancel a Music & Drama set and it has already been supplied by another Library Authority, you will be liable for the cost incurred from the loaning Authority.

The standard loan fee from the Music & Drama Service will not apply.

Please do not damage copies by marking with ink, highlighter, sticky tape, paper clips etc. You can read our full care of sets for more details. If material is lost or damaged we will ask the group to pay for a replacement.

Contact us

Please use the links above to request sets. For other enquiries you can contact us as follows:


Phone: 01772 534030