Home library service

You can use the home library service if you can't get to a library because of your age, disability, poor physical or mental health, caring responsibilities or mobility problems.

You may want to use the service all the time or for a short period, such as only in winter or when recovering from an illness or operation.

A friend, relative or carer can collect books for you.

If you can't arrange for someone to collect them for you, volunteers can deliver your books to you free of charge.

You can borrow:

  • Books and audiobooks
  • Music CDs
  • DVDs
  • Large print books
  • Children's books
  • Information books

How the home library service works

If you are interested in joining the Home Library Service or for more information call 0300 123 6703 or email: library@lancashire.gov.uk.

A library or volunteer officer will then visit you at home. They will:

  • Help you join the library if you are not already a member
  • Discuss authors and genres that you like or dislike
  • Ask if you prefer large print or audio books
  • Put together a detailed reader profile which the library staff will use to choose books that match your interests.

Library staff can choose books, CDs, audio books and DVDs for you, or you can request the items you want. 

If you have a relative, friend or neighbour to collect your books they can do this every four weeks from the most convenient local library.

If a volunteer delivers books to you, they will visit you every four weeks on an agreed day. You can ask the volunteer for specific titles or authors and they will pass this information onto library staff.

There are no fines or charges for Home Library Service customers.

All the delivery volunteers have been checked by the disclosure and barring service. 

Don't forget there are also eBooks, eAudiobooks and other online library resources you can use without visiting a library.

Volunteering for the home library service 

We are always looking for volunteers to help deliver books and information to people who use our home library service. Please see the Lancashire Volunteer Partnership website for more details.