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Newspapers - To obtain copies of articles listed in the Newspaper Index, you will need to visit the Library location or contact them directly to ask for a copy. These records have not been digitized, only indexed and need to be ordered individually. If a library is able to supply a copy, a quotation will be issued in response to your enquiry. Pricing will be dependent on the copying, postage and administration costs.

Photographs and FLOAT

We do not offer a digital image download or print ordering service.

You can use the Share button to post an image to Facebook or Twitter or save a low resolution copy from full screen. Images are made available in this way for personal enjoyment or private study only.

Anyone wishing to reproduce, exhibit, or make commercial or other uses of an image in any medium should please contact us regarding terms and conditions.

If you are seeking information about a photo in the collection, the place or people in the photo, please use the Comment button next to the photo to contact us.