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Early Years Healthy Heroes

About Healthy Heroes

The Early Years Healthy Heroes resource features four hero characters and their side kick Freddie frog. They help children and families look after emotional health and wellbeing and make healthier food and activity choices.

A set of challenge cards featuring the Healthy Heroes and Freddie address different themes which contribute to a healthy lifestyle. The resources have been designed to be used flexibly by schools, children's centres, pre-schools, nurseries, after school clubs, childminders and family support workers. Healthy Heroes can be used with groups of children or on an individual basis.

The cards can also be used at home where the child and a family member work together to complete the challenge. Helping to empower them to make positive behaviour changes in relation to emotional health and wellbeing, food and activity choices.

Children gain a sticker after completing each challenge and work towards becoming a Healthy Hero. A certificate of achievement is awarded to the child and the family receive a pledge certificate to help them to maintain specific food and activity choices in future.

Order the Early Years Healthy Heroes Resources here

Package 1

Toolkit folder with CD (that contains the resources in PDF format),10 healthy eating, 8 physical activity cards, plans, 36 recipes, 60 additional session plans, evaluation sheets.
Freddie frog hand puppet.
A set of 100 of the Healthy Hero A5 parent leaflets, A4 achievement certificates, A4 pledge certificates.
A set of stickers (2 sheets of each type of the 27 sticker sheets, with 28 stickers per sheet) to accompany the 18 cards plus additional ones for your Hero activities.
Set of A3 This Week's Challenge posters that match the 18 cards (available on the CD).
Cut out Hero character poster (119cm x 89cm) that displays an A3 This Week's Challenge poster.
Package 1 plus the Emotional Health and Wellbeing Resource:

6 activity cards and plans.
How are you feeling? A3 chart.
A set of 4 A3 laminated emotions cards.
A set of 4 A4 emotions cards for your Healthy Heroes toolkit folder.
The CD contains the resources in PDF format plus an A5 version of the How are you feeling? chart that can be printed off and handed to families.
Additional stickers, certificates of achievement, pledge certificates and parent leaflets can be purchased, please see the order form for details.

Primary Healthy Heroes

The Primary Healthy Heroes resource has been awarded the PSHE Association Quality Mark.

"This is an engaging and interactive resource which supports many aspects of primary PSHE provision related to healthy eating, emotional health wellbeing and physical activity. Pupils are able to undertake weekly challenges both in school and at home to help them to understand the choices involved in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and how to become a ‘Healthy Hero’. In addition, teacher notes contain many suggestions for different interactive activities to use in class. This resource provides a wealth of opportunities for pupils to recognise and reflect on the relevance of their learning and how it can be applied in their own lives". (PSHE Association)

About Healthy Heroes

The Primary Healthy Heroes resource features four hero characters and their side kick Freddie frog. They help children and their families look after emotional health and wellbeing and make healthier food and activity choices.

How do you become a Healthy Hero?

Children take part in Freddie's challenge on each card and a range of activities to help themto learn more about healthy lifestyles. They gain a sticker on completion of each challenge to add to their Healthy Hero postcard to dress their chosen hero.

Healthy Heroes is designed to be used flexibly in school with a class or across the whole school, a nurture group, or on an individual basis. The cards can also be used at home where the child works with a family member to complete the challenge and help empower them to make positive behaviour changes.

The four Healthy Hero resource topics include healthy eating, physical activity, emotional health and wellbeing and drugs, alcohol and tobacco education.

Order the Primary Healthy Heroes Resource

The Healthy Heroes resources can be purchased in a variety of different packages:

Primary Healthy Heroes Resources:

Healthy eating
Physical activity
Emotional health and wellbeing
Drugs, alcohol and tobacco education

Click on each of the headings to find out further details for each resource topic. Each resource topic includes a range of activity cards, worksheets, ideas for lessons linked to the curriculum, a teacher guide and links to useful websites.

Early Years Healthy Heroes resources can also be purchased with the primary resource, see the order form for further details.

Lancashire County Council's Healthy Heroes and Mike McGreal's Healthy Heroes are independent initiatives. It is acknowledged that both parties offer differing but complimentary services and that both are happy to co-exist when providing support and health and fitness services to schools. Both projects offer excellent opportunities for schools and their pupils

Current PSHE National Guidance

PSHE Association

Statutory Tools and Resources.


Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education Guidance.

PSHE Association

The PSHE Association has a wealth of information and resources to support school with teaching and learning. They have produced a wealth of guidance commissioned by the DfE including their PSHE Programme of Study which can be downloaded free of charge.

The PSHE Association also lists external resources that you can use with confidence, as they have been through a rigorous process to achieve their Quality Assurance Mark.

Please click here for the latest PSHE association Newsletter.

Sex Education Forum


Change4Life is a nationwide campaign which aims to help us all to eat well, move more and live longer.

Sign up as a local supporter to receive free resources to download or order to help you to deliver healthy lifestyles messages.

The new Change4Life School Zone resource has been designed for primary teachers and provides resources for healthy eating and being active.

Change4Life - Explore healthier swaps this January

Please click the following link to teach your pupils to make healthier swaps using our curriculum-linked resources for Reception, KS1 and KS2 from Change4Life : Click here

British Red Cross

Please click on the dates below to access the Newsthink newsletters

27 February 2019

UK Safer Internet Centre Resources

Click the link below for the latest Newsletter from the UK Safer Internet Centre.

February 2022

Young Money

Click on the Dates below for the Young Money - Financial Education Newsletters.

Spring 2022

Media Smart

Media Smart Newsletters

How much smartphone use is too much ?

St John Ambulance Resources

Click the links below for more information on Primary and Secondary Students First Aid Training.

First aid courses for primary age pupils

First aid courses for secondary age pupils

For further information and resources please see the St John Ambulance website by clicking here.


Follow the link below for THINKUKNOW resources including online safety education.


Click the link below for the latest information and resources from 1decision.

Please click the following link for a demonstration video for 1decision:

Preparing for Statutory Requirements

Public Health England Resources

Public Health England offer a range of resources to support schools and local authorities to improve the health and life chances of children and young people.

Links to the Public Health England campaigns specifically for schools including:

The school Zone: Sign up (all ages) which includes a range of teaching resources.

For primary school classes includes:

Healthy Eating Resources – including 'Sugar Swap' activities and Food Detectives.
Physical Activity Resources – including Disney themed Active school day and active assembly resources
Tilly the Tooth Science lesson plans - KS1 and KS2 dental lesson plans help pupils and their families learn about healthier eating habits.
'Rise Above':

Resources aimed at Secondary age classes (10 to 16) which aim to build resilience and help young people to cope with life’s challenges and improve mental health and wellbeing. Includes lesson plans on puberty, healthy relationships and body image.

School age health profiles - primary & secondary

School-age children profiles bring together a range of indicators on the health of school-aged children by local area.

e-Bug Resources

Includes lesson plans, worksheets and activities about micro-organisms, spread of infection, vaccination and immunisation, the use of antibiotics and medicines. In two sections:

Junior – KS2 (7-11yrs)

Senior- KS3 (11-15yrs)

Health Matters – child dental health

National report on the dental health of school age children including the role and responsibilities of schools in promoting good dental health.

Mentally Healthy Schools

Helping Primary school leaders work together with staff, pupils and families to develop a whole-school approach to support children's mental health and wellbeing.

Measuring and monitoring children and young people's mental wellbeing: a toolkit for schools and colleges

Aims to help schools and colleges think through why and how they might choose to measure student mental wellbeing; encourage schools and colleges to make use of, and to signpost them to a range of validated (tried and tested/ robust) survey questions and instruments that can help them to do this; share insights from schools and colleges that are doing this already

Let children know you’re listening – Safeguarding Resource A safeguarding resource to help you show children and young people that, whatever they want to share, you’re ready to listen. Includes guidance helping adults respond to children disclosing abuse.

Teaching online safety in schools

New non-statutory guidance which aims to support schools in teaching pupils how to stay safe online within new and existing school subjects, such as Relationships and Health Education (Primary), Relationships, Sex and Health Education (Secondary), Citizenship and Computing.

Road injury prevention

For: Head teachers and leaders, school governors, teachers/educational professionals, school nurses, local authority public health teams, local authority road safety / transport teams. Aims to highlight key data; signpost to support/resources and share practice examples

Sex Education Forum

Teaching resources - Curriculum design tool - Audit tool - Evidence briefings - FAQs - Signposting to other reliable resources. Can sign up to regular newsletter to keep up to date with current requirements for HRSE.


Find out everything you need to know about drugs, their effects and the law. Talk to Frank for facts, support and advice on drugs and alcohol.

Food Standards

Please click the following link to view updates on food standards:

Alcohol Education Trust

Alcohol Education Trust Website.

Betty Education

Betty Education Resources


NSPCC School Resources.