Add your School Bursar / School Business Manager

School Bursar / School Business Manager account users can perform the same actions as a headteacher account, including creation of teacher and governor accounts, and authorisation of large purchases. Schools can create one School Bursar / School Business Manager account.

Add your Teachers

Add your teachers so they can view your subscription/SSG content, book courses, request publications and manage their own accounts/passwords.

Add a Governor

If your School Governors/Chair of Governors/Training Governor book courses for your governing body you can create an account for them. Currently you should create them under the 'Add New Teacher' option, but type School Governor in the 'Position' field. The 'Add New Teacher' option merely allows you to create non-admin accounts, this does not mean the user is necessarily a teacher. A specific 'Add New Governor' option will soon be added.

Add Subscription Access to your Teacher Accounts

Your teachers might have mentioned that they cannot access your subscription and/or SSG content. The headteacher or school bursar account has to issue access to staff members, as there is a cap on user amounts.

Once added - all users will remain under your account and will retain allocated subscription/SSG access, unless the user is deleted or access removed. Each account will automatically renew as your account renews annually and each user account will manage their own password.

Register a New Account

Brand new schools to the system should register a new account. If you are from a Lancashire school you will already have a school account, so please ask your Head or Bursar to set you up as a user. If you receive a message to call the LPDS Team it is likely your school already has an account, so again, please ask your Head or Bursar to set you up. If you are an individual, a business or a member of Lancashire Teaching Agency, please feel free to set up an account with your home or business address.

Book a Course

Anyone can browse the courses on this website, however, you must now login to book one. If you do not currently have a user account, please see options for registering an account or adding a user (to the left and above).

Reset your Password

In most cases your username and email address will be one and the same. Select 'Login', 'Forgot Password' and enter your email address in the 'Username' AND 'Email Address' fields, before clicking 'Submit Request'. If this does not seem to work, please try copy and paste, typing the password in OR requesting another password.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I have registered my school, why will the website not allow me to add a particular teacher?

Answer 1: There is a possibility that the teacher in question has created their own school account. If so, please telephone the LPDS Team to have the erroneous account deleted or to have the user moved from the other account.

Answer 2: The website does not currently allow for apostrophes. Please try again, removing any apostrophes. The over-riding issue will be corrected by our team soon.

Question: Why do I now have to create an account when I didn't used to on the LPDS website?

Answer: Creation of an account speeds up the process of booking, meaning you do not have to enter your school and address details every time you book a course or order a publication or subscription, saving time. The LancsNGFL always required passwords (sometimes more than one) to access subscription content. Multiple user accounts can now be created under each school account, giving you access to your subscription content as well as the course booking system, all on one platform with one password per user account. Each user can now reset their own password, which was impossible with the old LancsNGFL.

Question: Can I create an account for one or more of my Governors?

Answer: Yes, but currently you should use the 'Add new Teacher' function to create their account. Login > My Account > Manage Account > Manage User Accounts > Add new Teacher.

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