PIVATS On-Demand Training Videos

A further resource that is now available are training videos entitled "An Introduction to PIVATS 5" and "An Introduction to PIVATS PSED".

Available to purchase at a cost of £55 (plus VAT where applicable) each, the webinars have been designed to be run as staff-meetings/INSET sessions which can last anywhere between 1.5 hours and 2.5 hours, depending on whether the practical activities (which are provided to work alongside the videos) are  used.

It is recommended that the SENDco, or a member of SLT, leads the webinar and is responsible for pausing and restarting; initiating discussions and facilitating feedback etc. The impact of the webinar will be maximised if delivered in this way.

Please note that to facilitate restricted access to the webinars a Gmail address will need to be provided when placing the order. If you need to create a Gmail account please follow these instructions.

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