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Lancashire School Service Guarantee and Service Level Agreement 2022 / 2023

We are sure that you will notice that there are some significant additions from previous years in terms of presentation, value for money and content (see the New For 2022 / 2023 page.) What hasn't changed is our core team of skilled and committed advisers and consultants, and the wider Lancashire network, all of whom are there to meet your needs.

The ongoing challenges of Covid have made us all work differently. We feel that our new offer captures what school leaders have told us they need in terms of flexibility: a blended approach of face to face and virtual meetings, and a renewed drive to prioritise the improvement agenda, whilst still supporting everyone’s well-being and pastoral support.

Based on feedback, and the desire to make the administration of your support more efficient, we will move to delivering your support in line with the financial year, starting from April 2023. This will enable schools to pay for their annual support within one financial year instead of across two budget periods. It will also reduce the amount of school paperwork through only having to pay one invoice. As part of this transition your new package will run from 1st September 2022 until 31st March 2023. The cost of this shortened offer will be reduced pro rata. You will then be able to renew your support from 1st April 2023 which will then run until 31st March 2024.

Those of you who already buy into the Lancashire SSG/SLA will be automatically re-enrolled for September 2022 - March 2023 on 31st May 2022, unless you tell us otherwise by this date.

For any school that wishes to start a new support package (either from summer or autumn 2022) please contact your relevant Area Team Leader.

Please note that there is a reduced rate offered to two schools who share a headteacher within a collaborative arrangement. For any other unique circumstances which you wish to discuss please contact us and we will happily negotiate an individualised offer where this is appropriate.

Primary Area Team Leaders

Jane Phythian (Area East), 07795812716 
Julie Fryer (Area North), 07810252372 
Mark Purcell (Area South), 01772537313
General enquiries, 01257516166

SI Network Facilitator Secondary Lead

Elaine Cluet (All areas), 01772532755