Continuing Professional Development & Consultancy Services

Our bespoke consultancy support can address your priorities through the form of face-to-face discussions, in-school audits/walkthroughs, INSET sessions, online consultancies via video conferencing and one-to-one support for teachers.

Alternatively this support/advice can be accessed through sustained CPD over a period of time through a bespoke package of support. Please see here for further details about accessing these services:  Charges - Lancashire Professional Development Service

Primary phase

Behaviour Service Level Agreement: a Service Level Agreement is available to offer bespoke consultant support for behaviour in schools

An SLA allows individual school support to identify strengths in behaviour and action plan how to take the school forward effectively in line with Lancashire's Trauma-Informed and relational approach to supporting positive behaviour for learning.

The Service Level Agreement can be accessed at 3 levels, according to need:

Secondary phase

Secondary behaviour support can be accessed as part of a "pay as you go"/commissioned model or by opting into one of our Behaviour support packages. Further details can be found here: Secondary Consultant Support 2024/25 - LPDS Resources (

Where do I go if I need support for pupils?

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Where can I access behaviour CPD?

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Where can I find advice and examples for reviewing my policy?

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Where can I find primary inclusion hub information?

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Where can I find support for creating a trauma informed approach?

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Updates from the DfE / research bodies

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Bitesize videos

Behaviour bitesize video clips

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Contact the Lancashire Behaviour Consultants

Secondary - Catherine Reeves

Primary - Diane Sheron


Phone: 01257516100