Early Career Teachers

ECT Statutory Induction

ECT induction is a statutory process with several key requirements:

• Statutory induction is a 2-year process.

• ECTs must have a reduced timetable of 10% ECT time in Year 1 and 5% in Year 2 which must be in addition to statutory 10% PPA time for all teachers.

• All ECTs are entitled to an induction programme that is underpinned by the Early Career Framework (ECF).

• An induction tutor and a mentor will need to be assigned to each ECT (they are expected to be different individuals, experienced, hold QTS and must be allowed sufficient time to carry out the role).

• Regular one-to-one mentoring sessions with a designated mentor (with QTS).

• Observation of the ECT's teaching with written feedback provided.

• ECT's observation of experienced teachers either in the ECT's own institution or another institution where effective practice has been identified.

• Support and guidance from a designated induction tutor (with QTS) who will also coordinate progress reviews and assessment of the ECT against the Teachers' Standards.

• Completion of progress reviews by the induction tutor with the ECT every term where a formal assessment is not scheduled (terms 1,2,4 and 5).

• Completion of formal assessments by the induction tutor or Headteacher/Principal with the ECT at the end of Year 1 and Year 2 (terms 3 and 6).

In addition, the governing body must be satisfied that the institution has the capacity to support the ECT and that the headteacher/principal is fulfilling their responsibilities.

For further detail on the ECT statutory induction entitlements, please see Statutory Guidance for ECT Induction

Early Career Framework

All ECTs starting their statutory induction from 1st September 2021 are entitled to 2 years of high-quality professional development support based on the Early Career Framework (ECF). The early career framework sets out what early career teachers are entitled to learn about and learn how to do when they start their careers.

It's vitally important to note that the ECF does not replace statutory induction and must not be used as an assessment framework.

Step 1: Choose an approach for delivery of the ECF-based induction

There are 3 approaches to enable the delivery of an ECF-based induction. It is up to school leaders to choose the approach that best suits the needs of their early career teachers and mentors.

Statutory Guidance and Supporting Documents

Please find below links to statutory documentation that will help you through the induction process.