Spot On

Spot on Shorts

Lancashire Libraries and Spot On Lancashire have been working together to continue to bring great art and stories to you.

Following on from the successful 2020 Spot on Stories a season of six Spot on Shorts will begin on Thursday 22 October. 

You can watch them every Thursday at 7pm on Lancashire Libraries Facebook page or at 6.45pm on the Spot on Lancashire YouTube channel.

All performances will be available for 30 days.

Victor and Albert’s Northern Line Adventure written and performed by Victor and Albert

Thursday 26 November Facebook premiere at 7pm

Mind the gap and stand clear of the closing doors because tonight we’re going to play Northern Line Bingo with musical duo Victor and Albert.

This is a story about all the adventures you can have on the Northern Line at a time when traveling the actual tube is perhaps not so advisable. Join us on a whistle-stop tubular tour and don’t forget your bingo sheet!

Suitable for ages 12+

Visit Victor and Albert's website


Papyllon Poetry and dance performed by Ella Mesma 

Thursday 19 November Facebook premiere at 7pm

Inspired by the lifecycle of the butterfly, dance artist Ella Mesma rolls, twists and weaves a tapestry of movement, words and aerial skills to ask “who could we be if we shed the skin of our old stories?” Listen carefully, and imagine a world, a silent green world at the beginning of time... Take a journey with Ella, in this mesmerising and meditative short film that explores what it means to evolve.

Suitable for ages 10+

Visit Ella Mesma's website


In Loving Memory written and performed by Jake Oldershaw of Untied Artists

Thursday 12 November Facebook premiere at 7pm

You climb a hill, huffing and puffing all the way up, telling yourself it will be worth it for the view.
You reach the top, turn to take in the vista and what do you see? Nothing but a sea of benches.
‘In Loving Memory of…’ is Jake Oldershaw’s, witty call to arms, forget the benches, and accept
the nature of all things. Contains some mild bad language.

Suitable for ages 14+

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Try to write a funny novel written and performed by John Osborne

Thursday 5 November Facebook premiere

This new story from John Osborne, who has realised that lockdown is the perfect time to fulfil his life ambition: to write a funny novel. Following on from John’s stories for BBC Radio 4, this new piece is a relatable story about trying to create and meet your own high expectations. But do we really need to be productive during a global pandemic? Or should we all be taking a moment to slow down?

Suitable for ages 10+

Visit John Osborne's website

Coulter's Candy performed by Ellen Renton

Thursday 29 October Facebook premiere

Poet Ellen Renton takes a 19th century jingle - a song to sell candy, still sung as a lullaby in Scotland as her starting point to tell us a story about four strong resilient women.

Suitable for ages 10+

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The Talking Field performed by Peter Chand

Thursday 22 October Facebook premiere

The Talking Field is a traditional tale from Gujarat in India. Who owns the earth? Who looks after it? And what are the consequences when greed overwhelms us?  Maybe Ma Durga can reveal the answer…

Suitable for ages 10+

Visit Peter Chand's website