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Spot on Stories

Lancashire Libraries and Spot On Lancashire have been working together to continue to bring great art and stories to you.

Following on from the successful 2020 Spot on Stories in the summer and a season of six Spot on Shorts in the autumn we now have a new season of Spot on Stories for 2021. 

All performances will be available for 30 days. Watch them all on the Spot On Lancashire YouTube channel.

The Bird, The Mouse and The Sausage written and performed by Nook and Cranny

WARNING this Spot On Story contains a sausage, lots of silliness and absolutely no sensible science! Join Professors Nook and Cranny, story scientists and experts in silliness, as they tell a tale about home, friendship and nature. Will Professor Nook be able to keep Professor Cranny away from the biscuits long enough to tell the whole story?

From Monday 1 March at 10am on the Spot on Lancashire YouTube channel.

Suitable for families aged 4+

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Poetry Magic

Want to write a story but don’t know where to start? Struggling with bringing your heroes and villains to life? Don’t worry, poet Simon Mole is here to help! Join him for a step by step workshop to invent a character of your own. All you need is an object from your home, it could be a mug or a hat, or something more unusual from the back of the cupboard… oh and of course you’ll need a pen and paper - or whatever you use to write!

From Monday 22 February at 10am on the Spot on Lancashire YouTube channel.

Suitable for families aged 8+

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birdbrained written and performed by gobscure

In this performance gobscure brings us a Spot On Story to celebrate the joy and the intelligence of our feathered friends. 

when the world turns upside down anything becomes possible

here is a playful, poetic and visual performance for all from gobscure

birdbrained isn't an insult in this new world when we see some of the amazing and amusing things birds do naturally from tweeting to travelling lengths of the globe without sat navs humans can learn from other species

come and join with us in finding out the 'wish' that birds have made for us all

From Monday 15 February at 10am on the Spot on Lancashire YouTube channel.

Suitable for families.

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The story of Nin written and performed by Little Bean Theatre

Do you know the tale of the New Year Monster? Join Little Bean Theatre for a story about a monster called Nin and how perhaps monsters aren’t as scary as people make them out to be. This story is told in two languages - English and Cantonese!

A perfect story for Chinese New Year 2021 which is celebrated on Friday 12 February.

From Monday 8 February at 10am on the Spot on Lancashire YouTube channel.

Suitable for families.

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The Viking King written and performed by Tom Barry

Meet Björn, a Viking sheltering from the cold winter in front of his roaring fire, surrounded by his swords and shields. Björn has a tale to tell of the great Viking King - King Knut. Come and sit with him as he tells you of the time King Knut learnt his most important lesson.

From Monday 1 February at 10am on the Spot On Lancashire YouTube channel.

Suitable for families.

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The winter wind and summer sun written and performed by Sophia Hatfield

At the turning of the seasons, the wild Winter Wind and the soft Summer Sun are having a
quarrel. The Winter Wind thinks he's the one who should be in charge. Will the tough Winter Wind
triumph once again, or can the softly spoken Summer Sun show him that sometimes a
gentle touch makes all the difference?
In this original adaptation, storyteller Soph brings another 'Fable from the Kitchen Table'
complete with creative storytelling, silly characters and song.

From Monday 25 January at 10am on the Spot On Lancashire YouTube channel.  

Suitable for families

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