Free and partially subsidised transport to school

6. How to apply

The first time you apply or if your child is new to secondary school you will need to complete the application form below, forms are also available from your local area education office.

You will need to provide a passport type photograph in Year 7 (first year) for secondary school pupils.  We will contact you if:  

  • Your child is attending a faith school and you are paying the denominational charge - we will contact you around 7 May to confirm you are willing to pay the charge.
  • Your child gets free transport on the grounds that they get free school meals - we will let you know if you no longer qualify before your pass is due to be sent out (around 22 July)
  • You get the maximum amount of working tax credit and this is the grounds for your child getting free transport - we will contact you on or around 10 June each year to confirm you are still eligible 

 Please contact us if your circumstances change, you change address or your child changes school.

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School transport