Free and partially subsidised transport to school

5. When to apply

If your child is new to primary or secondary school or new to the area you should apply as soon as you know which school your child will attend.

Once your application is granted, you do not need to reapply each year unless your child is starting secondary school (see how to apply). If you are still entitled your new pass will be sent out at the end of July. If your child is transferring from primary to secondary school we will send you an application form (usually in May) if we think your child is eligible. If you have not received your form by 31 May and think you may be entitled then please contact the School Traveline on 0300 123 6738.

If your application is granted by the area education office, you should expect to receive the pass on the following dates:

  • If received by 30 June passes sent out by 1 August
  • If received by 31 July passes sent out by 12 August
  • If received during August passes will be sent within 20 working days of receipt

If your application is received after 10 August we cannot guarantee that we will be able to issue a pass by the start of the new term.

Outside of these dates passes will normally be issued within ten working days from the date your application has been granted.

We recommend that you apply for your child’s travel pass in plenty of time before the start of the school year. If you don’t, you may have to pay your child’s travel fares and we may not be able to refund this money. We will only refund any travel fares you have to pay while you are waiting for your child’s travel pass if we have caused the delay.

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