Free and partially subsidised transport to school

2. Eligibility

As a guide, your child could get free transport to school if they attend the nearest suitable school (measured by walking distance, not in a straight line) and the distance from home is:

  • Two miles or more if your child is under 8 years old
  • Three miles or more if they are aged 8 to 16

If you get the maximum Working Tax Credit or your children are entitled to free school meals, they could get free school transport if they:

  • Are over eight years old, attend the nearest suitable primary school and the distance from home is two miles or more
  • Are in years 7 to 11 of secondary school, they attend one of their three nearest secondary schools and the distance to school is between 2 and 6 miles
  • Attend a school other than the nearest school on the grounds of religion or belief if the school attended is the nearest of your religion and the distance is between 2 and 15 miles

Entitlement to free travel under this policy ends at the end of year 11 in secondary school.

The type of transport provided is at the county council’s discretion. Normally pupils are sent a travelpass which allows them free travel on a bus or train. In exceptional circumstances, a taxi may be provided.

If your child qualifies for free transport but travels by bicycle, you can claim an allowance.

In exceptional circumstances a car mileage allowance may be paid.

Moving house

If you are a low income family and you move house within Lancashire while your child is in their final year of primary education (year 6) or the final two years of secondary education (years 10 and 11), you could get travel expenses so they can stay at the same school, providing:

  • the new address is two miles or more from the school
  • the travelling time is not excessive
  • they previously attended their nearest school

Other special cases

Other special arrangements may be made for other special circumstances for example medical or social difficulties or unsuitable journeys for pupils, please contact the area education office for advice.

This is only a summary of the county council's policy for assistance with school transport, it is intended to act as a guide for parents and is not a definitive statement of policy. Please see the full policy or ring the school traveline on 0300 123 6738 for advice.

Not entitled to free transport

If your child is not entitled to free transport then they can still travel on most contracted school buses/taxis provided by the county council. You can pay a daily fare to the driver or if you want to save money you can buy a season ticket.

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