Free and partially subsidised transport to school

4. Denominational education

In areas served by Church of England or Catholic schools, reasons for choosing a denominational school will be taken into account when the county council determines which is the nearest suitable school for travel expenses purposes, provided the pupil has been admitted to the school on denominational grounds, and has the same faith of the school attended.

If your child started school after September 2011, and you are not a low income family (for example, you get the maximum Working Tax Credit or your children are entitled to free school meals), you will need to make an annual contribution towards the cost of travel if this is not your nearest school and the distance criterion is met.

For the 2017/18 academic year the contributory charge is £575. The charge will increase annually by 5% plus whatever the annual percentage increase is in the Retail Price Index.

The contribution is a fixed fee for the year and will not be discounted or refunded.

The policy has been reviewed and denominational transport will be removed for all new pupils from September 2018. If you have younger children you should consider the information about transport in the admissions literature prior to submitting a primary or secondary school application.

Denominational transport assistance from the county council is a discretionary element of the Council's Home to School Transport policy. The policy was reviewed because between 2010 and 2018, the County Council will have to have made savings of £547 million.

In some cases, you may find the costs cheaper if your child travels to and from school on a commercial (public) bus service. You may wish to check availability of services and costings with the relevant bus operators or see the Traveline website before proceeding with a denominational travel pass.

Please see the full policy or ring the school traveline on 0300 123 6738 for advice.

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