Catching the school bus

Please behave sensibly and responsibly when travelling to and from school for your own safety. If you misbehave you may have your travel pass taken away or be excluded from using school bus services.

  1. Be at the stop 5 minutes before. Queue sensibly and keep well away from the kerb. Give a clear signal so the bus driver knows to stop. Make sure you are boarding the bus at the correct stop.
  2. Pay your fare and try to have the correct change. Keep your ticket to show the inspector and/or for your return journey.
  3. If you use a bus pass/season ticket, it must always be presented to the bus driver - allow time for it to be examined. Bus passes/season tickets are not transferable and should only be used on the service for which they are assigned. If you cannot show a valid pass you must pay your fare. Lost or damaged passes can be replaced for a fee by contacting the county council on 0300 123 6738.
  4. Misuse and fraudulent use of travel passes is treated very seriously and could lead to prosecution.
  5. Take your seat, please wear a seat belt if one is provided. Don’t take up more than one seat. Place bags in the luggage compartment/under your seat/on your knees. Don’t place bags on seats or in the aisle.
  6. If all seats are taken, you should stand sensibly behind the driver area and use grab rails where available. You should not stand adjacent to emergency exits, on staircases or upstairs on a double deck vehicle. Do not walk around during the journey.
  7. Antisocial behaviour/damage to the bus or anyone’s property/bullying on the bus, is taken very seriously and can be reported to the police. Please report incidents to the driver, a teacher or a parent. Do not throw anything whilst on the bus, at the bus or from the bus.
  8. All bus and taxi services have No Smoking Policies including all e-cigarettes and vaping devices.
  9. Respect others at all times and never distract your driver.
  10. Make sure you know which stop you are getting off at and to alert the driver by pressing the bell only once or asking them to stop at the next bus stop. Never override past the bus stop you have paid for. Overriding could lead to prosecution.
  11. When leaving the bus please take the time to thank your bus driver.
  12. Remember to take all of your belongings when you leave the bus. 
  13. Let the bus depart before crossing the road. Find a safe place to cross and remember: Stop, Look and Listen.
  14. Do not text/use your mobile phone when crossing roads. Remove ear accessories to allow you to hear any oncoming traffic. Concentrate - often accidents happen due to a lack of concentration.