Vehicle crossings (dropped kerb)

Pre-application checklist

    Yes No
1 Have you identified that street furniture needs to be relocated? Have you contacted LCC in advance to get a quotation for these works? If you are happy with the quotation for the additional works, go to 2. Please contact LCC direct to obtain a quotation for street furniture relocation before applying.
2 Is the depth of the parking area on your property 4.8m or more from the boundary to the front of the property? Is there sufficient width of 2.4m without any obstructions? Proceed to 3 LCC will not consider any application where less than 4.8m depth is available for parking within the property. Or where there is insufficient unobstructed width of 2.4m DO NOT APPLY
3 Are you satisfied that the parking will not impact the safe means of exit from your property when a vehicle is parked? Proceed to 4 It is your responsibility to ensure that safe emergency egress is possible with a vehicle parked on your property. LCC will assess this from the highway as part of the assessment and may refuse or place conditions on an approval. * Proceed to 4
4 Is the proposed vehicle crossing within 10m of a minor junction, roundabout or signalised junction or within 15 to 20m of a main road junction? If you already have planning permission for the vehicle crossing, please provide this with your application. Proceed to 6. LCC will consider any specific hazards around proximity to junctions and roundabouts as part of the assessment. Proceed to 6. Proceed to 6
6 Is the proposed vehicle crossing within 2m of a streetlight You will need to pay the fixed cost to LCC upon receipt of your vehicle crossing approval. Also note you will be required to evidence you have consulted with neighbours if they will be impacted by the moving of street furniture. Proceed to 7 Proceed to 7
7 Is the proposed vehicle crossing within 2.5m of a highway tree trunk LCC will not consider any application where the location is within 2.5m of a highway tree trunk. Do not apply Proceed to 8
8 Are you going to have a gate? Ensure that the gate arrangement opens onto your property and not on the highway. You will also need to ensure that there is sufficient room for gates to open onto your property when a vehicle is parked on the drive. Proceed to 9 Proceed to 9
9 Do you need Planning Permission Ensure you have all the required permissions before you apply. Proceed to 10 Proceed to 10
10 Are you the Freeholder? Proceed to 11 You must provide written consent from the Freeholder of your property. LCC will not consider any applications where the applicant is not the Freeholder and written permission has not been provided. Proceed to 11
11 Are there any parking bays in front of your proposed crossing? Ensure you have read the information contained in the guidance on the time and cost implications of changes to legal traffic orders. If you still intend to make an application, please seek advice from LCC before you apply online. Only go to 12 if you have been given advice and still wish to continue. Proceed to 12
12 Make application *

*An on-site assessment means that should an application be subsequently refused only part of the application fee will be refunded.

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