Vehicle crossings (dropped kerb)

Final things to consider before you apply

Following approval, should you need to construct or modify the existing driveway this work should be completed before the vehicle crossing is installed. This has several benefits which includes preventing damage from construction vehicles crossing the new dropped kerbs.

It is important that the finished level of your drive provides enough fall from the end of your drive to the kerb. A fall of 2.5cm every metre would be adequate but ideally it should not exceed 5cm.

The construction of a vehicle crossing does not give you as the occupier of the premises any particular rights, except to drive across the footway or verge to gain access to your property.  The vehicle crossing itself is part of the public highway and cannot be used as a parking space.

The vehicle crossing application is valid for a period of 2 years from the date of the approval letter. Should works not be carried out within this time, then a new application will need to be made.

The works carried out by a contractor on the approved list are expected to be defect free for 2 years. Should you identify any defects please contact your contractor in the first instance. If your contractor fails to remedy any defects, please advise LCC using the provided contact details.

After the 2-year period Lancashire County Council will take on the continued maintenance of the vehicle crossing as part of its highway responsibilities at no additional cost.

All highway works are coordinated centrally through Lancashire County Council's Streetworks Team.

Occasionally your contractor may be advised that road space is not available for your works to be carried out, this will be due to works already planned in your road. Usually, this conflict is of minimum duration, and it may mean a small delay to your works. Your contractor will be advised the earliest time that works can be carried out.

If your road has recently had major works such as resurfacing, or footway reconstruction, these works are protected from any non-emergency works being carried out on them for a period of 2 years. This is protected by a section 58 notice. In very few instances this may impact vehicle crossing works. If your construction is impacted by this, your contractor will be advised when works can be carried out.

Temporary crossings

This process can only be used for temporary vehicle crossing access for access not covered by a Section 278 agreement. This can be used for field accesses and small-scale property improvements or maintenance. Even if the access is temporary, the default specification will be the same as for a permanent crossing, unless the area engineer determines that a lower standard construction can be used. Please make clear in your application that this is for a temporary access.

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