Vehicle crossings (dropped kerb)


We encourage all occupiers of residential premises, wherever possible, to garage or park their vehicles off the road. Where they need to cross a kerb, verge or footway in a motor vehicle to reach their property, the crossing point, also referred to as a 'vehicular crossing' or 'dropped kerb', must have been approved by the county council as local Highway Authority.

All newly requested vehicle crossings will be approved by Lancashire County Council through the application process. A list of approved contractors will be supplied to applicants with an approved vehicle crossing application.

Approved contractors will be under agreement with Lancashire County Council to ensure the use of appropriate materials and workmanship, the safety of any walking surfaces and the protection of pipes and cables under the footway from damage.

This will be under a section 171 license which your contractor will need to apply for when they are ready to carry out the works. Approved applications have a unique code which the contractor can use so that there is no charge for this license.

Contact details for queries:

Vehicle Crossing Team

Tel: 01772 534222

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