Vehicle crossings (dropped kerb)

Cost and timescales


A vehicle crossing application costs £260. The online application process requires payment of the fee in advance of the assessment being carried out by the local team.

Any change to the highway including the extension of kerbs to an existing crossing needs to be checked by an inspector to ensure that there is no impact on the safety of highway users or the use of the highway, this will require a technical assessment and approval.

A single application will be accepted for a joint vehicle crossing for 2 dwellings where the overall width of the vehicle crossing does not exceed 6m. For more dwellings and wider access, an application will be required for each property.

The application fee is non-refundable, except for unsuccessful applications - these will have half of the fee (£130) refunded.

The cost of a vehicle crossing will vary depending on the size and complexity of the required crossing to suit your property. You will be provided with a list of approved contractors upon receiving approval and you will be able to approach any or all of these to get the best price. As a general guide, quotations are currently between £2,000 and £3,500 for a *standard crossing.

*A standard crossing is 4.5m wide at the kerb face with a vehicle width of 2.5m, normally on a footpath of 2m wide.

If you would like your own builder to be approved to carry out your construction, please contact and an application pack will be provided for you to pass to your builder. This is free and we will endeavour to process and approve these as quickly as possible, but this is reliant on the builder completing the application correctly and fully.

If you have identified LCC street furniture to be moved, then you will be required to pay the relocation costs for the apparatus in advance for the works to be carried out by LCC.


We aim to carry out a standard vehicle crossing application and confirm approval or refusal within 28 days.

During times of peak demand these times could be longer.

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