Vehicle crossings (dropped kerb)

Application as part of an LCC footway scheme

If you have been contacted by LCC to advise that you can apply for a vehicle crossing as part of an LCC footway scheme, please note that all the guidance contained in this document also applies.

As an applicant under this arrangement, you will need to make a formal application and pay the fixed fee.

LCC will deliver the works as part of the footway scheme either at a fixed cost (for a standard crossing) or a quoted cost for a larger crossing. These costs will be outlined in the letter delivered to you in advance of the works or a quotation can be arranged.

Due to the time constraints of project delivery, we are unable to deliver vehicle crossings which require the moving of either streetlights or lit signs, this is due to the need for 3rd party works to disconnect the power which could delay the works. If your applications has an unlit sign we will provide a quote for the relocation which must be paid in advance once the crossing has been approved.

If your application requires the moving of any other street furniture not in the ownership of LCC this will also not be able to be accommodated as part of the footway works.

Please use the reference number provided on the letter from LCC in your application.

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