PSED - Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Many children in school today are able to develop their personal, social and emotional characteristics successfully through parental support, PHSE teaching in schools and by experiencing developmental milestones without any additional support. However, there are children in school, for many reasons, who may have gaps in their social and emotional development and it is important that those gaps are narrowed in order for them to achieve a happy and fulfilled time in school and in the future. 

Assessing small steps of progress, setting challenging but realistic targets and tracking pupil achievement and progress in these areas is essential to this process.

The PIVATS PSED provides a structured approach to assessing, planning for a measuring small steps in progress in the areas of personal, social and emotional characteristics of their development. The structure begins with small steps within the P-scales up to approximately the end of Key Stage 2.

PIVATS PSED has been designed to be used in a variety of ways by different settings, and is available in hard copy folder and electronic (PDF) format, priced as per the table below. We are now no longer predominantly office based and so there could be a slight delay in dispatching hard copy folder orders. The electronic (PDF) versions of the milestones will be e-mailed to customers with immediate effect. Subject to copyright these products should not be duplicated or shared for wider use outside of your setting:-

PIVATS PSED Resources Price List:

PIVATS PSED (PDF) electronic milestones

£135 (plus VAT)

PIVATS PSED hard copy folder milestones

£135 (plus VAT and p&p)

PIVATS PSED (PDF) electronic &  hard copy folder milestones

£155 (plus VAT and p&p)

*VAT Costs will be charged at 20% where applicable

** Postage and packing will be charged at £4.49 per item where applicable



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