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Raising standards of achievement within an inclusive education system is an essential expectation for all pupils. All young people in our schools have the right to receive an education of the highest quality which is appropriate to their needs and aptitudes. They should achieve their full potential, regardless of special educational needs or disabilities, social or other contextual factors - and their achievements should be recognised.

Assessing small steps of attainment, setting challenging but realistic targets and tracking pupil achievement and progress are essential elements in this process.

PIVATS provides staff with a structured approach to assessing, planning for learning, tracking and measuring small steps in attainment. Using the PIVATS structure supports identification of small steps of progress within the PIVATS P Scale Milestones up to Milestone 4.

The PIVATS (5th Edition) for Listening and Understanding, Number, Reading, Shape, Space & Measure, Talking & Communication, Using & Applying and Writing is available in hard copy folder and electronic (PDF) format, priced as per the table below.  We are now no longer predominantly office based and so there could be a slight delay in dispatching hard copy folder orders. The electronic (PDF) versions of the milestones will be e-mailed to customers with immediate effect.

Subject to copyright these products should not be duplicated or shared for wider use outside of your setting


Order PIVATS 5 Milestones

Now Available – Individual PIVATS 5 Milestones:

In the current financial climate and with the intention of minimising costs, PIVATS 5 milestones are now available in the following individual areas:

  • Language & Communication – including "Listening & Understanding" and "Talking and Communication"
  • Maths – including "Number", "Shape, Space & Measure" and "Using & Applying"
  • Reading
  • Writing

Available in both electronic (PDF) and hard copy booklets, at the costs outlined in the table below.


Order Individual PIVATS 5 Milestones

PIVATS 5th Edition Resources Price List:

PIVATS 5 (PDF) electronic milestones

£135 (plus VAT)

PIVATS 5 hard copy folder milestones

£135 (plus VAT and p&p)

PIVATS 5 (PDF) electronic &  hard copy folder milestones

£155 (plus VAT and p&p)

Individual PIVATS 5 electronic (PDF) milestones

£30 (plus VAT)

Individual PIVATS 5 milestones (booklet format)

£30 (plus VAT and p&p)

Individual PIVATS 5 milestones in electronic (PDF) and booklet format milestones

£50 (plus VAT and p&p)

*VAT Costs will be charged at 20% where applicable

** Postage and packing will be charged at £4.49 per item where applicable

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