Ellie, Holly and Cleo

Ellie Holly and CleoAt times it can be a struggle to find homes for larger sibling groups like Ellie, Holly and Cleo. The sisters are currently staying in a short term foster home until we can find them a wonderful home that can care for all three sisters together.



Their personalities

Ellie, Holly and Cleo are delightfully lively children with a lot of energy who don't like to sit around much. They are lively girls who thrive on adult attention and have a very loving nature. They're well-mannered and have a lot of endearing qualities. The girls have a good relationship with each other, but typical sibling rivalry can occur at times. Ellie, aged 10, is the oldest sister. Ellie enjoys painting and making friendship bracelets. She loves being outdoors, going to the park and doing anything practical. Ellie will need time to familiarise herself with a new environment and will need time to build relationships with her new carers. Once she comes out of her shell, she is very chatty and loves hearing how well she's done. Ellie likes to take charge and be the one to support her two younger sisters.

Holly, aged 9, is the more sensitive sister and needs a lot of love and reassurance. She loves to chat and is open about how she's feeling. Holly enjoys playing on her scooter, going swimming, and playing in the garden. Holly can sometimes get frustrated when things don't go her way, but she is good at expressing her feelings with adults when this happens.

Cleo is the youngest sister aged 7. She is very fun-loving, caring and enjoys most things. She is an adorable young child who always smiles but is shy when it comes to physical affection. However, once Cleo is familiar with you, she loves getting cuddles. Most of the time Cleo follows the lead of her big sisters, Ellie and Holly but does enjoy reading stories and playing outdoors.

Background and history

Ellie, Holly, and Cleo were removed from their mother's care because she was unable to meet their needs. The children witnessed domestic abuse in their parent's relationship and both parents experience mental illness due to this. Unfortunately the girls never received any sort of consistent care, emotional warmth, or stability and experienced neglect. They have found it difficult to settle since they left their parent's care, and they all want to find a forever home where they can grow and be happy.


At present all three girls are attending the same school but are slightly behind their peers. However, Holly and Cleo are making good progress, but Ellie will need support with her studies. School reports no concerns with Holly or Cleo in terms of emotional and behavioural development but when Ellie started school she struggled to sit still in class and complete her work.

Health and development

Ellie is on the autistic spectrum but remains in mainstream school. She sometimes struggles when her routines change and she needs extra support from her foster carers. There are no concerns about Ellie's physical health.

There were previous concerns that Holly may have been developmentally delayed, however she has managed to catch up and there are now no concerns in this area. Overall, Holly is in good physical health with no concerns regarding her eyesight or teeth.

Cleo has a squint which is being monitored but at present is otherwise in good physical health. There were previous concerns around her speech, however, the speech and language therapist is happy with her progress and has now discharged her.

Family time arrangements

Ellie, Holly and Cleo currently have no family time arrangements, but there is hope down the line that the children will get family time with their parents.

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This is a real-life case study, but we have changed the names and image of this young family to protect their identities.


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