Children and young people

All of our children are unique, of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and personalities. We always have a great need for foster carers for older children and larger groups of brothers and sisters.

Each child is individual and will react differently to their experiences. Some will be angry, anxious, confused or afraid, which may lead to them being withdrawn or displaying challenging behaviour. Others may be relieved to be in a safe place.

We’ve asked some of our children what they thought the best thing was about being fostered and they said:

  • I have a nice bedroom.
  • It’s fun and you get a nice home.
  • People always help you.
  • You have friends to help you and cheer you up.

Child's drawing


We love this fantastic, colourful drawing from one of our foster children. From riding a bike in the park to going swimming, help support a local child and make every moment count.

Read real profiles of some of our children and how they have blossomed with support from their foster family. If you'd like any more information, give our friendly team a call on 0300 019 0200 or use our enquiry form.

Real life young people's stories

Ellie, Holly and Cleo

The sisters are in a short term foster home until we can find them a wonderful home that can care for them together.

Asad and Inaya

We are looking for a very special family for Asad, aged 13 and Inaya, aged 11.

Katiya and Petra

We are looking for a long-term home where the sisters can live together.


Finn came into foster care as an 11 month old baby. He had been very neglected, was under stimulated and developmentally delayed.


Halima is a care leaver, she was in a long term placement with her brother and maintains contact with her fostering family

Harry, Arlo, Flynn and Lilly

We occasionally have to find homes for larger sibling groups.