Fostering stories

Our foster carers come from all different backgrounds, single and married, gay and straight, different religions, ages, ethnicities and more. Some work while they foster, others foster full time and some already have children of their own. What they all have in common is the desire to make a difference in a child's life.

We look after over 2,000 children who also come from varying backgrounds and come into care for a range of reasons. Some may have suffered neglect and abuse. The best way we can care for them is to find foster families where they will be safe, secure and happy. 

Fostering changes lives

Following Foster Care Fortnight we wanted to share a very special poem written by Barry Richardson, one of our foster carers. "Fostering Changes Lives" is read by ten of our wonderful carers. 


Hear from our foster carers

Our carers tell us in their own words what made them decide to become foster carers and what's involved.

Hear from our children and young people

Real profiles of some of our children and how they have blossomed with support from their foster family.

Hear from our parent and child foster carers

Becoming a parent and child foster carer for Lancashire means that you can help our most vulnerable child and support local families to remain together. Read more about the experiences of our parent and child foster carers.

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What fostering means to our children

Our children and young people talk about their experiences of foster care with Lancashire County Council and what it means to them.

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