Difference between fostering and adoption

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What is fostering?

When you foster, you provide a temporary home and family life for someone else’s child when they are unable to live with their birth family. Most children who are fostered will, hopefully, return home.

Where this isn’t possible, we’ll look at alternatives, such as placing the child with other relatives, being adopted or possibly being permanently fostered.

Unlike adoption, a fostered child remains the legal responsibility of the council and/or their birth parents. Foster carers receive regular support from their social worker, training and financial support towards the cost of caring for the fostered child.

What is adoption?

When you adopt, a court permanently transfers all parental rights and responsibilities for caring for someone else’s child to you.

You provide the child or children with a permanent home and the child becomes part of your family, as if they had been born into it, even taking your surname.

Adoption is life changing, having significant legal, emotional, psychological and social consequences for everyone involved. To help them adjust, our adopters receive support from the local authority that has placed the child with them, until an adoption order is made, and also post-adoption support. If you’re thinking about adopting, check out the Adoption Lancashire & Blackpool website (external link) for more information.

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Fostering or adoption, what's right for you?

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