Residency for school admissions

Parents with shared responsibility

In the cases where a child lives with parents who have shared responsibility and the child's time is split between two homes, the home address used will be that which is directed by the court or the address where the child lives for the majority of the week. The Local Authority reserves the right to request further proof in order to establish the home address, as fit the individual circumstances.

In cases where parents are both separated and both have retained joint responsibility, an application form will be accepted from the parent with whom the child primarily resides. The Local Authority has an obligation to process an application form that has been signed and submitted by a parent stating that they have parental responsibility. The Local Authority cannot release information or intervene where disputes or disagreements arise between parents in relation to any proposed or submitted application for a school place.

We can only process applications from one address. If your child lives at a different address from you or with another parent/carer from Monday to Friday, please provide the Parental Responsibility Order for the person the child lives with.

Please note that the address that the parent enters on the admissions application form will be used to assess home to school transport eligibility. The address of the other parent cannot be used for transport assessment purposes.

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