School admissions

Outcome of the public consultation on changes to school transport

On 11 July, Cabinet agreed proposals to cease funding for bus services that do not carry pupils entitled to transport assistance to school.

Cabinet agreed:

  • To cease funding for bus services where there have been no students entitled to free home to school transport or school transport assistance travelling for two years and where the revenue from fares and season tickets does not cover the cost of the service.
  • To give schools and parents a full academic year's notice before the funding is removed.
  • That county council officers work with schools and bus operators affected to establish whether arrangements can be made to provide these bus services in future at no cost to the council.

Cabinet also made a commitment to engage with schools should future bus services be at risk.

For more information view the report to Cabinet 11 July 2019.

If you live in Lancashire you must follow Lancashire County Council's application process; even if you live near a neighbouring local authority and have chosen one or more schools outside Lancashire.

Apply for a primary school place

The deadline for admissions was 15 January 2019. If you've missed this deadline fill in a late application as soon as possible.

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The deadline for secondary school admissions was 31 October 2018. If you've missed this deadline fill in a late application as soon as possible.

Changing schools during the school year

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How we allocate school places

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Sixth form at Lancashire maintained schools

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University technical colleges and studio schools

Students can now choose to attend a university technical college (UTC) or studio school at age 14.

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