Residency for school admissions

Home address

It is essential that you give your correct permanent home address. This must be where the child and parent or carer with legal responsibility lives.

You should not give the address of a relative or childminder, a temporary address or the address of a second property that you own or rent, but do not reside in.

We may require proof of the address given and you will be contacted directly if this is required. The Local Authority also reserves the right to request further proof of an address as appropriate to individual circumstances.

If it is found that a false address has been used to secure a place, we can withdraw the place that was offered to your child on the basis of a fraudulent or intentionally misleading application.

The address you give us must be your child's current home address. This applies even if you might move house at a later date during the admissions process. For avoidance of doubt, please contact your Area Education Office.

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