Education - young people in care

If you are in care, we will support you in your education to help you do your best and be happy.

Designated teacher

If you are at school or college there will be a teacher who has special responsibility for children in care. The designated teacher is there to make sure that your rights and welfare are protected at school. They have to make sure that you have a personal education plan.

Personal education plans (PEPs)

A personal education plan (PEP) is a plan to help you to do well at school or college.

It is important that you have a say in your PEP. To do this you will sit down with your social worker or designated teacher. They will talk to you about what you enjoy at school, what you are good at, who your friends are and what areas you could do better in.

Your PEP will be reviewed regularly and new targets set to help you have a happy and rewarding school experience.  Your PEP should make sure that everyone pays full attention to your education.

It is important that you contribute to your PEP. The PEP will help everyone listen to what you say.

Continuing education

Your careers advisor at school, social worker and carer can advise you and help you to plan for your future.

You will have a pathway plan that will cover things about what you decide to do in your future.  We will continue to support your education up to the age of 21 and beyond if this is to finish a course that you have already started.

If you are in education (but not at university), you can apply for a 16-19 Bursary Fund from your school, college or training provider to fund transport costs or equipment.

To explore your options and to find out what financial support is available to you if you do decide to stay in education, talk to your teacher, careers advisor or your social worker.

Special educational needs and disabilities

If you have special educational needs or a disability, the Information, Advice and Support Team can provide information, advice and support around your education needs. There is also lots of information in the special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) - local offer.

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