Corporate Parenting Board – parental responsibility for you

Every child and young person needs a good parent to look out for them, speak out on their behalf and respond to their needs. For children and young people like you who are in care this is the responsibility of the county council.

The Corporate Parenting Board is there to make sure the council does a good job for you.

They work hard to make sure that you:

  • get a good education and prepare well for entry into work,
  • keep healthy and safe,
  • have access to a full range of activities to build friendships, confidence, health and wellbeing,
  • are well informed about services and support available to you,
  • are involved in decisions about your lives and development of services for you,
  • get a placement that provides the best care, support and outcomes for you, and
  • are fully prepared to be an adult when you leave care and have access to support and housing if needed.

The Corporate Parenting Board meetings are a place where you can raise issues for children in care and care leavers. If you would like to go to a meeting, contact Hans Mundry on 07764 838547 or Suliman Hussain on 07775 221214.  You can also go along to the LINX group or Care Leaver Forum.

For more information about who they are and what they do have a look at their membership and meetings.

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