National Insurance number (NINo) registrations to non-UK nationals


Data showed around 9,000 registrations in the Lancashire-14 area in 2017/18. This was an increase of about 210 from 2016/17. Registrations fell between 2007/08 and 2009/10, after which they recovered, and were largely static from 2011/12 to 2013/14. The figure for the Lancashire-14 area equates to 1.35% of the UK total of 666,280.

The number of registrations in Lancashire-12 was 7,300 in 2017/18. This was an increase of 500 from 2016/17. The continuing increase was, in the main, driven by registration by Romanian and Bulgarian nationals.

Registrations were by far the highest in Preston in 2017/18 (1,930). Pendle and Burnley had high numbers of registrations at 1,320 and 1,190 respectively. Blackburn with Darwen (1,080) and Lancaster (1,000) were next in order. Rossendale had fewest at 80.

We have included on this page six Microsoft Power BI slides. Figure 1, Table 1 and Figure 3 are also found in the "Further analysis" document, but in the slides they are interactive. Table 1 can be sorted according to values in any column by clicking on the column header. In Figure 3 the values can be read off for the corresponding bars by pointing at the bars. Figures 2.a and 2.b are slightly different versions of the map which appears as Figure 2 in the "Further analysis" document. Because the data made available by the Department for Work and Pensions has been suppressed in some instances, the Lancashire-14 totals and district totals are slightly different. Had the county and district figures been merged into a single data source for the map there would have been a danger that the figures could be double-counted. The maps are interactive, and zooming is possible. In Figure 2.b the map can be filtered by each district in turn, or by multiple districts. Figure 4 shows the same information in pie chart form.

The Department for Work and Pensions have produced an interactive map of their own.

Further analysis

National Insurance number (NINo) registrations, non-UK nationals 2017-18 (PDF 1.34 MB)

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