Benefit challenges and appeals

5. Help and representation

If you need help to find a representative, ask at your local Citizens Advice office as they will know which organisations can provide representation or further help with appeals in your area.

How the Welfare Rights Service can help

We can represent at appeals but please be aware that representation may not always include attending the appeal hearing with you. Often this may not be possible due to workload or your appeal may be listed for a date when we are not available.

We may still be able to help to prepare you for the hearing which could include:

  • explaining how to argue your case
  • advising on supporting evidence
  • preparing a written submission
  • a face to face or telephone appointment to go over the tribunal procedure a few days before the hearing
  • applying for a postponement or adjournment if necessary

We will not receive information about your case unless we have been appointed as your representative. It is important that you respond to any letters or forms that you get.

If you want help with your appeal, you should contact the Welfare Rights Service when you receive the mandatory reconsideration notice or your appeal papers.

If you contact us when you already have a date for your Tribunal we may not be able to help due to the short notice, or may only be able to give verbal advice or send out a factsheet.

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