Household Support Fund 1 April 2022 to 30 September 2022

The Household Support Fund is provided by the Department for Work and Pensions to support those most in need.

This fund can be used to help households with children, households with pensioners and other households towards the cost of:

  • food
  • energy / water needs
  • essentials linked to energy and water
  • wider essentials, where appropriate, such as housing costs and other essential bills.

Lancashire County Council is administrating this fund across Lancashire, working with district councils and partners to support those most in need.

You can find information about support available up to 30 September 2022 via your local district council. You can find links to the council websites in the 'support in your district' section of this page.

Support available

The county council has already planned to support benefits eligible recipients of free school meals over key holiday periods with over £4m available to support this. The holiday periods to be covered are summer half term and six weeks to cover the summer of 2022.

If you are a parent or carer of a child attending school (5 to 16-year-old) you will receive an electronic shopping voucher from your child's school.

If you are eligible, and have any questions, please speak to your child's school.

Support in your district

Supporting local priorities all 12 District Councils are supporting residents and further details, such as eligibility or enquiries can be found via the links below.

If you are unsure which district council to contact, you can find your district council by inputting your post code.

For any other enquiries please visit your district council website for more information or contact them directly, if they are unable to resolve your enquiry then you can contact Lancashire County Council: