Funded childcare for 2 year olds

1. Overview

From the term after your child turns two, you might be able to claim 15 hours a week early education and childcare up to a maximum of 570 hours per year, funded by the government. This will depend on your household and income or if you are in receipt of certain benefits.

Join the thousands of parents across Lancashire who already have a funded 2-year-old place at a local nursery or childminder. Attending the fun sessions at a nursery, playgroup or childminder, can help your child:

  • Make new friends and build their confidence
  • Improve their speaking and listening skills
  • Learn and develop through play
  • Get ready for starting school

Family are the most important people in a child’s early life, but your local nursery staff or childminder can offer great support and will be happy to assist you with your child’s early learning and development. They are qualified, caring professionals and their tips on the things that you can do at home can help your child come on in leaps and bounds. You can also find some useful, example activities in our learning at home resources.

When your child is using their funded hours, this is also a chance for you to take some time for yourself. You might want to start a part-time job, do some training or study, go to the gym, spend the time with your younger children or relax with family or friends. Whatever you choose to do, this is your time too!

Your child’s funded place will help them to play, learn and grow so read on to find out more.

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Funded places for 2-year-olds

Play, learn and grow with a local nursery or childminder

Play, learn and grow with a local nursery or childminder.

Hear from our Lancashire providers about the benefits of a 2-year-old place.

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