Funded childcare for 2 year olds

6. Find a nursery or childminder

You can use our childcare search to look for providers who offer this service. We recommend you choose a provider graded 'good' or 'outstanding' by Ofsted, and in Lancashire almost all the childminders and nurseries are rated as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’. You can see their latest inspection grade and report on the Ofsted website. You will also be able to arrange visits before you take up a place to make sure that you and your child are happy.

All our nurseries and childminders welcome children from a wide range of backgrounds and they will be happy to discuss how best to meet any cultural, religious and dietary needs you or your child may have.

Search childcare providers

Please remember to take your letter or email confirming your eligibility with you when you book a place with your chosen provider.

Read the following pages for further information and guidance on accessing a two-year-old place including:

Providers you can use

To offer this service, early education and childcare providers must be registered with Ofsted and not be judged to be inadequate. They must also sign Lancashire County Council's funding agreement.

We cannot fund any other types of care, including family arrangements. If a relative or friend looks after your child during the week, they can't be paid for this entitlement.

If the provider you want to use is not registered, has no spaces or can't offer you the hours you want, search our list of providers for an alternative.

Using two providers

The funded hours can be split across two registered providers. If your child attends two providers, you must complete a 'Parental Agreement' for both providers, which must contain accurate information about the number of hours your child attends at each provider. The funding hours will then be split across both providers.

Changing provider

The council funds each early education and childcare provider on a termly basis. If you move your child within term to a different childcare provider you may not be able to claim funded hours at the new childcare provider. You will need to discuss this with your existing childcare provider to see whether they are willing to transfer any of the funding to the new childcare provider. They are not obliged to do this as it is at their discretion. Please check before you move your child.

This also applies if you want to move your child to a maintained nursery from a private day nursery or vice versa.

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Funded places for 2-year-olds

Play, learn and grow with a local nursery or childminder

Play, learn and grow with a local nursery or childminder.

Hear from our Lancashire providers about the benefits of a 2-year-old place.

Learn more about 2-year-old places