Welfare Rights Service

Lancashire County Council's Welfare Rights Service will provide help with the following:
  • Appealing a benefit decision
    For example:
    • your claim has been stopped or sanctioned
    • your claim has been refused
    • you have been wrongly asked to pay money back
    • you have been found fit for work
  • Increasing benefit take-up with our pensioner population
  • Information about benefits for carers
  • Working collaboratively with local services and organisations to provide training and support on benefits
  • Organisations (by agreement) can refer vulnerable customers who meet our service criteria by completing a referral form and emailing it to us. If your organisation would like to become a referring partner, contact us by emailing WRSstakeholders@lancashire.gov.uk
    Please note this email address is only for requests from organisations to become a partner, it cannot be used for individual advice requests.