The Transforming Friargate North and Ringway scheme aims to change the way we travel in and around Preston city centre.

It will improve connectivity for bus passengers and active travel, such as cycling and walking.

We also aim to make this area more attractive for residents and visitors, generating more potential customers for businesses.

The scheme includes:

  • Creating a pedestrian and cycle-friendly space with high quality paving, trees, public seating, with space for street markets and outdoor dining.
  • A new bus stop at the Friargate/Ringway junction and Peace Garden area to make it easier for passengers to access the area.
  • Pedestrianising Friargate between Ringway and Marsh Lane, with access for service and delivery vehicles at restricted times of the day.
  • Creating a bus-only section on Corporation Street to give priority to buses, improving their reliability and journey times.
  • An improved crossing for pedestrians and cyclists at the junction of Corporation Street and Ringway.
  • New cycle paths along Ringway to help cyclists connect between the university, railway station, bus station and beyond.
  • A new cycle path along Butler Street between Avenham and Miller Parks and the railway station.

Why we are doing this

We're carefully planning local infrastructure to serve the changing needs of residents and businesses.

This means integrating new technology, as well as supporting sustainability and active travel options. The needs of all road users will be emphasised, where previously private vehicles were given more prominence.

For drivers who are only passing through this area of the city when they don't need to, we're encouraging them to choose other suitable routes. This improves the experience for local residents, businesses and shoppers, and improves journeys by public transport.

By making it easier for people to walk and cycle, this provides more opportunities for people to stay active and improve their health and wellbeing.

Walking and cycling are the cheapest and most accessible ways of being active.

Find out more about all the projects in our Transforming Cities Fund.

How we are doing this

Transforming Ringway

By opening up and improving this area, it will be more attractive to visit for leisure and shopping.

New cycle lanes and bus stops have been created on Ringway to make it easier for people to get to this part of the city.

New covered cycle parking will encourage more people to come into the city centre by bike.

We're reconnecting both sides of Ringway by upgrading the crossing for cyclists and pedestrians. Work is ongoing on this junction.

Transforming Friargate North

High quality paving, seating and tree planting will create a pleasant environment for people to sit, relax, shop and enjoy. The regeneration of the street will encourage more people to use it, and help to generate more potential customers for businesses in the area.

The final stages of this work are currently taking place.

We're adding opportunities for businesses to provide outdoor seating for eating and drinking. And there'll be new space for outdoor markets and live events.

Changes to Friargate North and surrounding streets

Temporary barriers are currently in place while the improvement work is being carried out.

Once completed, Friargate will be pedestrianised between Ringway and Marsh Lane, with no access for vehicles, except cycles.

To allow deliveries to local businesses and for public services, such as bin collections, Friargate will become one-way (northbound) between Union Street and Great Shaw Street between 6am and 11am daily.

This will create a safer and more welcoming environment for pedestrians and cyclists.

Marsh Lane will remain one-way, but will be reversed to run from Corporation Street to Friargate instead.

We'll announce in advance of these changes coming in, which are planned to be in the Spring.

Waiting and loading prohibitions will be introduced on Hope Street, Edward Street, Marsh Lane, Heatley Street and Hill Street on the approaches to Friargate.

Corporation Street and surrounding area

To prioritise bus services and encourage the use of public transport, a bus-only section (known as a bus gate) is planned between Heatley Street and Marsh Lane in both directions.

Enforcement started on Tuesday 21 May 2024. Find out what this means for your journeys Corporation Street page.

Wellfield Road and Ashton Street

On Ashton Street and Wellfield Road, speed cushions have been installed to calm traffic through this area.

Future proposals

Maudland Bank

A one-way section running south to north is proposed on Maudland Bank, between Maudland Road and Pedder Street.

Friargate south and Orchard Street

Friargate, south of Ringway, will be closed to all traffic (except cycles) at the Peace Garden/Shopmobility car park, with no access through to Ringway. Orchard Street one-way will be reversed.

Fleet Street and Lune Street

Existing goods loading and limited waiting bays on Fleet Street would be amended to 8am - 8pm. Outside these hours, taxi bays would operate here.

The Lune Street access to the Shopmobility parking would be made two-way, with no access from Friargate.

Traffic regulation order plans

The traffic regulation orders will be advertised between 4th November and 2nd December 2022. More information about Traffic Regulation Orders and how to comment or object.

Plans, maps and designs

If you have any specific queries, please email us at: