School bus season tickets

7. Refunds

If you no longer need your season ticket you may apply for a refund, providing your season ticket is still valid. To request a refund, return the pass to the address printed on the back with a note detailing the reason for cancellation.

The refund due will be equal to the number of full months left from when we receive the pass. For example, if you have a pass for price band A which is returned in February you will be due a refund of £188.40 (4 months of £47.10).

School closures

(Updated March 2021)

As advised in January, direct debits for travel passes remain suspended until further notice. We will be contacting pass holders soon with details of their account balance for the remainder of the academic year once the credit for the period of school closure has been calculated and applied. We will be letting them know the balance on the account and a schedule of payments.

We will also be contacting pass holders who have paid in full for their pass. We will be sending them a claim form to enable us to issue a refund by BACS for the period of school closure.

If you wish to cancel your pass please return it as soon as possible to the address printed on the back along with a short note detailing the reason for the cancellation. We will contact you once we have the pass back with details of any refund due.

School closures from January 2021

In light of the school closures due to coronavirus (COVID-19) from 5 January 2021, we will be arranging for direct debit payments for travel passes to be suspended until further notice.  Unfortunately, due to banking processes we cannot reverse the direct debit taken in January 2021, but we will apply a credit to your school transport account of the January payment plus the days that the schools are closed.  When the schools reopen, we will recalculate the amount due for the remainder of the academic year and inform you of the revised payment schedule.

Please note if you choose to cancel the direct debit, the travel passes must be returned to the school transport team, the address can be found on the back of the pass.  Once the pass has been received, we will calculate any refunds that are due.  You can then pay the daily fare on the bus once the schools return if there is space available.

If you have paid in full for the travel pass we will contact you once the schools have returned with a claim form for the calculated amount to be refunded.

Closures due to coronavirus

If you have been instructed by your school not to attend due to Covid-19 and to isolate for more than 5 consecutive school days, to request a credit to your account (if you pay by direct debit) or a refund (if you have paid the full amount) please email with the following details: -

  • Pass holders name and pass number
  • The date the isolation period is to start
  • copy of the text, tweet or email from the school confirming the isolation period

Once the isolation period is over, we will contact you about the credit or refund to your account. We aim to contact you within 10 working days however this may be delayed if we experience high demand.

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