School bus season tickets

4. Season ticket prices

Your child's season ticket will be valid for the rest of the academic year from the date of issue.

If you order a season ticket valid from any date in September you will pay the full price from that month (and so on for each following month). We will, however, be happy to arrange for your pass to be valid from the 1st of the next month. If you choose this option we will send the pass out to you a few days before it becomes valid.

Please see the table below for the list of charges.

Prices from September 2018

These mileages are for single journey and for information only, some journeys may vary.

  Season ticket Season ticket Season ticket
price band A price band B price band C

0-3 miles return fare


3-8 miles return fare


8+ miles return fare


Full cost without discount





















£296 £372










Not available

Not available

Not available


Not available

Not available

Not available

Direct debit price per month




You can choose to pay for the whole year or spread the cost by paying by direct debit.

If you choose to pay by direct debit and your pass is valid from September you will pay ten direct debit payments, if your pass is valid from October you will pay nine direct debit payments and so on.

Please see the full terms and conditions for more information about paying for passes.

Year 11 students

Students in year 11 usually leave school before the end of the academic year so we base the cost on 9 months rather than the 10 for a full year pass. The direct debit terms will be reduced by one month to reflect this.

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School transport consultation 2019

We want your views on our proposed changes to our school bus services, where there have been no students entitled to free home to school transport or school transport assistance travelling for two years and where the revenue from fares and season tickets does not cover the cost of the service.

Complete an online questionnaire or ring 0300 123 6734 if you would prefer a printed questionnaire.

Please return your comments to us by Monday 8 April.