School bus season tickets

6. Terms and conditions

  1. Season tickets are issued to school pupils travelling on Lancashire County Council school bus services on a first come first served basis where spare seats are available. Season tickets for school aged pupils (5 to 16 years) will be prioritised over requests for post-16 pupils attending 6th form establishments.
  2. Requests for specific services cannot be guaranteed, you may be issued with a quote for an alternative available service.
  3. Please note an actual seat on the bus is not guaranteed. The loading capacity of the vehicle is calculated by number of seats plus standing allowance. Where there is a seat available students should use it. In the absence of a seat, students should stand sensibly behind the driver area and use grab rails where available. Students should not stand adjacent to emergency exits, on staircases or upstairs on a double deck vehicle.
  4. If the bus becomes full and a place is required for a statutorily entitled scholar a season ticket may be withdrawn, this may be at short notice. A refund will be given for the balance of the journeys that are not taken.
  5. Withdrawal of passes due to 'bus full' situations will be determined by the order of application and whether the season ticket is for a 6th form student. Post-16 students will be withdrawn first and then by the last application received.
  6. The season ticket allows the holder to one return journey per day between the stops shown unless marked AM ONLY or PM ONLY.
  7. The season ticket is valid for travel Monday to Friday term time only, until the expiry date shown.
  8. Bus passes/season tickets are not transferable and should only be used on the service for which they are assigned.
  9. The season ticket must be produced at the time of travel on school bus services otherwise the normal fare must be paid. A travel pass will not be issued for season tickets sold on taxi services.
  10. The fee for lost/stolen passes is £20, this is payable even upon cancellation.
  11. The season ticket will be withdrawn if used by any other person or it is mutilated or misused in any way. Misuse of the season ticket may lead to prosecution or the recovery of revenue.
  12. The council may withdraw the season ticket at any time. If this happens a full refund for the balance of the journeys not taken will be made.
  13. Season tickets sold on taxi services or journeys involving more than one bus service will be charged at price band C regardless of mileage covered.
  14. AM only and PM only season tickets may be issued if required and there is spare capacity but no discount on the single fare cost will be given.
  15. Direct debits payments will be taken over the maximum of 10 months for a full year pass, and will be due on 1st of the month.
  16. If paying by direct debit we will always attempt to take the first payment on 1st of the month in which the pass starts. If we can't take this first payment the total cost will be taken over the remaining months ending 1st June (or 1st May for year 11 pupils).
  17. Direct debit scheduled payments must be completed before July. Direct debit payment plans may be amended to conform to this end date.
  18. If you cancel your direct debit payment you should contact the school transport payment line within 5 working days to make alternative arrangements to pay for the season ticket. The balance of your season ticket may become due immediately. School Transport payment line - 01772 530432 (Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm)
  19. If your direct debit fails the county council will contact you and ask that you make alternative arrangements to pay for the pass within 10 days from the date of the letter.
  20. Failure to make alternative payments if the direct debit fails will result in the recovery of the season ticket pass. The pass may be recovered by the driver or inspector on the bus or with arrangement by the school.
  21. The county council reserves the right to charge an administration fee of £15 for each instance the direct debit agreement is cancelled without prior notification.
  22. The Council will reserve the right to not offer direct debit as a method of payment in some circumstances.
  23. If the pass is no longer required the season ticket should be returned to the address printed on the back, along with an accompanying letter detailing the reason for cancellation.
  24. On receipt of the pass the council will calculate any refund due based on the number of full months remaining on the pass, please see price table for details.
  25. No responsibility will be accepted for passes returned that are lost or delayed in the post.  We advise you to return the pass by recorded delivery.
  26. In the event that a season ticket holder should be identified as being involved in any antisocial behaviour on home to school transport their details will be disclosed to the relevant transport contractor and their season ticket may be withdrawn along with a travel ban on county council dedicated school services.
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