School bus season tickets

5. Season ticket rules

The season ticket entitles the pass holder to one return journey per day between the stops detailed on the season ticket. The pass is valid on school days only and on the service detailed on the ticket.

If your usual bus can't be used you may travel on any Lancashire County Council contracted service between the points detailed on your pass as long as there is space on that bus.

Your season ticket will be withdrawn if the pass is:

  • used by any other person
  • mutilated or damaged
  • misused or fraudulently used in any way

If we find you have used your ticket after its expiry date, or outside its validity, we will take steps to recover any lost revenue. This calculation will assume that full use has been made of the ticket from its expiry date or outside its validity. We may also refuse to sell you a season ticket in the future.

Please see the terms and conditions for more information

Please note: if the bus becomes full we may withdraw the season ticket

We provide school buses for students that are entitled to free home to school transport. We sell season tickets where seats are available. If entitled students need those seats, season tickets may be withdrawn, sometimes with immediate effect. Passes will be withdrawn in the order of application and the last applicant's pass will be withdrawn first. If this happens a refund will be given for the balance of the journeys that are not taken.

On services where we expect that the bus may be full, we will only issue season tickets once all students that are entitled to free travel have passes. This is usually around the October half term. If this is the case on your service we will inform you when you apply for a pass.

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School transport consultation 2019

We want your views on our proposed changes to our school bus services, where there have been no students entitled to free home to school transport or school transport assistance travelling for two years and where the revenue from fares and season tickets does not cover the cost of the service.

Complete an online questionnaire or ring 0300 123 6734 if you would prefer a printed questionnaire.

Please return your comments to us by Monday 8 April.