Apply for a secondary school place

8. Change your application

If you have submitted your application and need to change details such as your email address or contact number, please contact the Customer Access Centre on 0300 123 6707 Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm or email:


Usually you cannot change your preferences after the closing date. In limited and exceptional cases, and where there have been substantial changes to your circumstances, we will consider requests for changes. Please contact your area education office for advice.

Change of address

If you have moved house permanently after the closing date, please write to your area education office providing proof of your change of address. The place at a school will be allocated based on the new address and you would be able to change your preferences if you are moving further away.

Late applications

If you are submitting a late application you cannot make any changes after you submit it. If you need help with your application please contact the area education office.

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