Apply for a secondary school place

3. Pick your school preferences

Before you apply, research the schools in your area. You could contact schools, read the school's most recent Ofsted reports or check school league tables.

You need to list three different schools - your first, second and third school preferences. Think carefully about your preferences, if you need advice, contact your local area education office.

It is always best to include a school near to where you live as one of your preferred options. Demand for school places is high, in some areas greater than others, and this helps towards you being offered a local school.

Your nearest school for admission purposes is measured by a straight line. For help with travel costs the nearest school is measured by walking distance. If travel cost is an important factor in your school preference or you are in any doubt over the distance between your home and a school please check with the area education office.

Video - applying for a school place top tips

Debbie Ormerod, Admissions Manager recently spoke to the Lancashire Post to offer her top tips when applying for a school place.

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