Apply for a secondary school place

12. Applications from abroad

The annual application round for new Year 7 (secondary) school places is between September and October each year. Outside of these times and for other year groups, see the guidance for changing schools during the school year (also known as in year school admissions).

Families must be physically resident in Lancashire (or nearby) to apply within the annual intake process. Being physically in residence means that the child is living with a parent or parents at their permanent address.

Exceptional circumstances will be considered on request. You will need to provide the necessary evidence for consideration). Exceptions will usually include:

(a) UK service personnel families. You will need to provide evidence of a posting into the area and the date from which this will occur.
(b) Crown servants.
(c) New to area families purchasing, renting or leasing an address in Lancashire. You will need to provide legal evidence of a contract exchange or lease agreement as a minimum.

If you are planning to return to an address (whether pre owned or not) within Lancashire, and can provide evidence of ownership, you must be physically in residence during the application period for your application to be accepted. This applies to those returning from living abroad and those returning from periods of employment or secondment abroad.

Late applications

Late applications will be considered if you move or return to an address in Lancashire after the statutory closing date (31 October).

The local authority or the admission authority must agree the exception and you must provide evidence of ownership, date of relocation and residence at that address.

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