Disposal of trade and commercial waste

Commercial waste (often referred to as trade waste) is not accepted at any of the household waste recycling centres in Lancashire. Due to the legal requirements in relation to the transportation and disposal of commercial waste it is illegal to deposit commercial waste at our recycling centres.

Commercial waste is waste generated as a result of any business activity, irrespective of where the waste is from, even if it is a household. By example, if a trader does work on your property and disposes of the waste themselves, that waste is commercial waste. Similarly, if someone is paid to take waste away from a domestic property, that waste becomes commercial waste once it is transferred to the carrier.

Householders are legally responsible (Household Waste Duty of Care) for ensuring that any business to whom they pass household waste is authorised to transport the waste, and that they are disposing of the waste at a facility which is permitted to accept it.

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Your district council may provide a service for the collection of trade or commercial waste from businesses such as shops, hotels, restaurants and other non-domestic premises.

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